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                                                DIARY OF A LAP DANCER


If you like a tale that bares its ass as well as its soul, this is the sarcastic story for you!


As a former exotic dancer & told under the pen-name 'Sunshine', Samantha C Ross shares a close-up and personal peek into the world of strippers. Through Sunshine's travels and debaucherous lifestyle, her diary reveals an incredulous account told with cutting & compelling wit. From a first-hand look at the appalling behavior of globally-famed, A-list celebrities, to escaping disgruntled Yakuza in Japan - these are events that actually happen, through all the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Have fun guessing through!

For those who have ever wondered who, why, what and how, Diary of a Lap Dancer not only spotlights just what kind of girl this job takes, but likewise venomous co-workers, secret stripper laws, sadistic managers and perverted clientele. 

Impromptu orgies, unlimited cash, ocean view apartments, millionaires & gangsters, the famous & infamous, and regular lying husbands, Sunshine shares a four year journey (somewhat tinged with vodka and disdain) lived like a naked rock-star - a life brimming with taboo & secrets.

Love it or hate it, in this #metoo era, Diary of a Lap Dancer hosts females getting their own back by manipulating objectification and turning the tables on would-be deviants.

If you've ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask... grab a copy, leave your hands where we can see them, and read like nobody's watching!






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Introduction By Worldwide Bestselling Author & Creator Of 'Dexter' - Jeff Lindsay

You hold in your hand a copy of 'Diary of a Lap Dancer' and you're wondering why you should buy it. I am here to answer that; you will buy it because you are not an idiot. And that means you are curious, in a steamy kind of way. And why not? We are all curious, men and women alike. We all wonder what goes on in this mysterious, sexual world. This book satisfies that curiosity.

It was written by whose been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. Her story is real. Beyond that, it's fun, funny, and yes, it's steamy too. You like real. You like funny. And to be honest, you like steamy too. And so, because you are not an idiot, you will now buy 'Diary of a Lap Dancer' and take it back to a very private room at home.

Buy. Read. Be gratified.

We have a new bestseller on our hands.

Cheers. And don't forget to tip the waitress   - Jeff Lindsay, author and creator of the 'Dexter' series