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Sunshine:The Diary of A Lap Dancer

TV series by Village Roadshow coming soon!


There are a lot of Ambers in the stripping world. And Aprils and Summers, and Skys and Rains. There are quite a few gems: Sapphires, Diamonds, Rubies and even an Amethyst. And exotic creatures: Tigers, Cheetahs, Phoenixes and Kitties. Plenty of weather conditions, like Misty, Stormy and Cloudy. There are, of course, a selection of fruits: Cherry, Berry, Peaches and Apple. And confectionery to go with it, like Candy, Lolly and Caramel. And then there are the generic hot-girl/sexy names: Lolita, Tiffany, Chanel, Lulu, Sasha and Brigitte.

Meet Sunshine. That's her stage name. Follow her downstairs into the shadowy underworld of the so-called Gentlemen's Clubs, where men hide in dark corners and pay gorgeous women like Sunshine to take their clothes off. Follow her to the private rooms where the lap dances happen, the hustle plays out and the real money flows. Sit with her in the back room with the other dancers, her friends and colleagues, who laugh and cry and rake in the dollars and party as though a zombie apocalypse is on the horizon.

Sunshine tells us in her own brutally honest and audacious words what it's like to work as a stripper, both in Australia and overseas.

Confessional, confronting, revealing, wildly entertaining and often laugh-out-loud funny, Sunshine: The diary of a lap dancer will take you into a world that most of us can only imagine and that others know all too well. But only the dancers know what really goes on - and this book shows you their world stripped bare.

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Introduction By Worldwide Bestselling Author & Creator Of 'Dexter' - Jeff Lindsay

You hold in your hand a copy of 'Diary of a Lap Dancer' and you're wondering why you should buy it. I am here to answer that; you will buy it because you are not an idiot. And that means you are curious, in a steamy kind of way. And why not? We are all curious, men and women alike. We all wonder what goes on in this mysterious, sexual world. This book satisfies that curiosity.

It was written by whose been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. Her story is real. Beyond that, it's fun, funny, and yes, it's steamy too. You like real. You like funny. And to be honest, you like steamy too. And so, because you are not an idiot, you will now buy 'Diary of a Lap Dancer' and take it back to a very private room at home.

Buy. Read. Be gratified.

We have a new bestseller on our hands.

Cheers. And don't forget to tip the waitress   - Jeff Lindsay, author and creator of the 'Dexter' series

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