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Mixed Spirits...the new Australian horror that will leave you shaken & stirred...


Nestled in the fern gulleys of the Dandenong Ranges, you’ll find Port Secret. A fusion of rainforest charm and New Age energy, you don’t have to be eccentric to work at The Hive; the beating heart and iconic bar of this hip little town, but it helps. And it suits Sunday Edwards. As barmaid and barista-nazi, her co-workers barely raise an eyebrow at her powers of clairvoyance...


In between late shifts, even later after parties, and falling for her boss, Sunday has found a haven in this small Victorian village.  And though her friends at the bar may all look like they’re on their way to The Big Day Out, she thinks of them as family, since her relationship with her own is somewhat strained. The dead appearing in daily life can be inconvenient, and in tabloids of lingering despair, they’ve always called for Sunday’s attention. Plus, her mother never believed it wasn’t Sunday that wrote ‘Ball-breaker’ on the bathroom mirror in her favourite Estee Launder gloss.

Denying her gift for long enough, Sunday takes on a few extra gigs cleansing haunted houses with her best friend, Reagan, despite the amusement of her co-workers. In fact, some of them don’t even believe in spirits.

But they soon will.

For evil is reliant on our disbelief.

A new curse has been forged by a jilted lover, along with a timeless promise broken. The ghosts of the past have come back as demons. But despite the unnatural occurrences at The Hive, who on earth could fathom that evil exists in modern-day Australia? Yet we now live in era where occult secrets that were once buried deep, are available with a click & search engine.

 A round of malign and terrifying attacks are unleashed on Sunday’s bar-family, finally taking up residence in the one spirit Sunday loves most, her boss Max. To save his very soul, the crew must put aside their disbelief, and band together with Sunday’s knowledge. Together, they may have what it takes, but it may take everything they’ve got as they face an unknown, supernatural world.

With more than mist rolling in from the fern gulleys, Mixed Spirits is set in iconic Australian locations as a humorous and eerie tale told with authentic human reaction to the supernatural.

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