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Americus Island has always been a haven for unusual individuals with strange and unorthodox beliefs. Sixteen year old Chime Emmerson and her sisters, Angel and Evangeline, have lived on the island since the mysterious death of their parents. The girls live their daily lives similar to most teenagers, except for one very, very big difference. The Emmerson sisters were born into a bloodline of witches. Adding to their inherent knowledge of witchcraft, each possesses an extraordinary paranormal ability. Whether it be telepathy – the power to read human thoughts, or clairvoyance, a link to converse with the spirit world.

When a dark entity unexpectedly disrupts the Emmerson household, Chime realizes it may only be the beginning of a more evil, malevolent force. It also appears she is the sole target.

She is proven right when the supernatural occurrences increase with terrifying intensity, haunting Chime with an abundance of curses and hexes. Then the nightmares begin. Night after night a demonic apparition chases Chime throughout her dreams, searching for a way to possess her.

Shaken, but determined to survive the mysterious attacks, Chime is unsure who is responsible for the unseen torment. A striking stranger, Raphael, has only just recently entered Chime’s life and declared his immediate affection for her. But Raphael has also admitted he is a Pranic Vampire, a being who draws not blood, but life-force from humans. Could it be her new love to blame, or a much more frightening enemy? On an island such as this, many mysteries hide in the shadows. Hopelessly, it looks as though Chime may lose the fight against her invisible assailant as the dark magic becomes life-threatening.

However, Americus residents are familiar with evil sorcery; the island’s hidden past is shrouded by witchcraft, and they are not prepared to lose one of their own. The seemingly ordinary citizens form a secret coven to break the spell imprisoning Chime. With the help of Chime’s best friend Nim, an apprentice warlock, and a sinister mermaid named Marrakesh; Americus Island’s most powerful and peculiar inhabitants join forces. Together the mystical assembly embark on the enormous task of banishing the malicious phantom possessing Chime. Extremely perilous, the ceremony must be performed with care. One small mistake could prove fatal and endanger Chime’s very soul, separating her from this world, and all those that love her, forever.  

The Emmerson Witches

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