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Welcome to the island of enchantment & curse...

The Island of Americus has always been a haven for unusual individuals with unorthodox beliefs. Welcome to the world of Chime Emmerson, reluctant of her family heritage, but accepting that things will never be normal for her. For along with her sisters, Angel and Evangeline, the teenage girls were born into a bloodline of witches.

And though life has never been ordinary, things of late have taken on both a dreamy and harrowing twist. A stranger, Raphael, with the face of an angel and a store of secrets has entered Chime’s life. But so has a barrage of chilling apparitions and tangled curses. Is the mysterious Raphael responsible, or is something more sinister on the wind?

A bitter and relentless magic is coming for Chime…

However, Americus residents are familiar with evil sorcery; the island’s hidden past is shrouded in witchcraft, and they are not prepared to lose one of their own… for here, nothing is what it seems.

 'Delightfully intricate, and paranormally compelling, The Emmerson Witches – a story that sparked an internet phenomenon – will pull the reader into the gripping world of three supernatural sisters. An enchantment, a curse of the soul, and a bewitching love story. Spells, hexes, hidden characters. A sinister mermaid, an empathetic warlock… what else hides on one tiny, magical island?'  - Get Fanged Magazine

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